SBC2: All About Commenting

Hello this is the student blogging challenge and this was our task. We had to comment on a post called I’m new here which we had to do separate things. Then we had to comment on four other people blog post. Here is my comment on the I’m new here post.

One of the things that I thought was the most important was the don’t insult others. Even if they have spelling mistakes, bad grammar or you don’t agree with their opinion be nice and respect their opinion.

I read Faiths post about the books and I found it very interesting. Its always good to see that other people like different books from you and those books sound really interesting. One book that I would definitely want to read would be Bootleg. It sounds like a good read.

Another part of the challenge was to make a poster or a video about commenting. I chose to do a video here is mine.
Commenting Powtoon video

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