This is another thing for the SBC. Its called Blog Action Day #BAD2015. Blog Action Day is one day each year when thousands of bloggers write a post on the same topic. This years topic Raise Your Voice, which means if there is a topic you believe in raise you voice and get attention for it to become reality.

My topic that I have chosen is the Tearfund. Its a group of christians trying to stop poverty. You can basically donate money to help people in poverty. Our school is involved in it and you come up with creative ways to save money.

After you have signed up you will get a poster with all the things you can buy. For example a well, goats, education and other sort’ve basic needs. It may not seem like a big deal or those gifts aren’t important but they would do a lot to people in need. So please donate some money now! And make someone have a Merry Christmas.

8 thoughts on “#BAD2015

  1. G’day Lucy,
    It is great to see schools involved with projects around the world to help those in need. Personally I am a member of Kiva where I loan money to people who want to improve their farms or grow food etc and over a period of time they send the money back and I can then loan it out again to someone else.

  2. Hi Lucy!
    I agree – the TEAR Fund charity is such a worthy cause 🙂 I really like your blog post and I thought it was great how you attached the link. I think I might use that for my next post – thanks! I am very excited to get involved with this charity at school – as I am sure you are too. It will be great to see what our efforts can achieve for these worthy people.
    – Darcey

  3. Hi Lucy,
    I definitely agree that the TEAR Fund charity is a worthy cause. I really like your blog post and you did a great job. Why did you chose to raise your voice about TEAR Fund? I am like Darcey really excited to get involved with this charity at school. I hope you are to. Keep up the great work. I think it is a great idea raising your voice about TEAR Fund.

  4. Hi Lucy,
    I agree with you, and think that you showed awareness for the TEAR fund very well. It is such a worthy cause, and you created such an amazing post!
    Amber xx 🙂

  5. Hi Lucy,
    I strongly agree with the issue that you wrote about and that the TEAR Fund is a charity that is definitely worth supporting as it provides poor people with vital recourses. I think that it is great that our school is raising lots of money about it.
    Great post,
    Gemma. 🙂

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