SBC4: Celebrating Creatively

SBC4: Celebrating creatively
Hi Everyone
This week for the student blogging challenge it’s all about Halloween.

The first task we were assigned was to make our blog have a touch of Halloween, so I put that Halloween widget on the sidebar. Obviously using Creative Commons, and maybe using decorating and changing the title and theme. Here is a screen shot because I might change it before you read it.
Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 4.43.04 pm

Another part of the task this week was to write a poem or story about Halloween. I decided to write a poem and story

There was something at my window
someone watching me
What are his intentions to do with me
I scream as loudly as I can
“ There’s someone at my window!!” I exclaim to dad
“There can’t be. see, I’ll even check” Says dad like it not a big deal
Slash, screams a single drop
the man got dad

Here is a classic horror story
Chucky: One day a family got a delivery from an anonymous person, to their surprise it was a doll. At first they were surprised but they didn’t have many toys for their up and coming baby.

A couple years has past and Chucky is still apart of the family but on one stormy night. Chucky becomes a killer doll and kills the family!!!!

Hope fully I didn’t scare you and Chucky is a real movie so you may want to see it if you like horror movies.

Another part was to do a history of Halloween, I wanted to be a bit different so I chose to do a history of Halloween in my family.

In the first couple years of my life my family celebrated Halloween in our house. We decorated the inside and wore costumes while knocking on the door of different doors in my house saying trick or treat and they gave us lollies and swapped to the next room. It was a pretty cute idea.

Then we got older but didn’t do that anymore or go trick or treating. We basically just stayed inside and gave lollies to trick or treaters.
Then in Year four we went trick or treating. The bad thing about it was I was wearing a onesie and I was boiling hot!.
Then last year I went to a school cru pizza movie night.

Here is a powtoon of what happened to me one night

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